About KTP Enterprises, Inc.

Ernie Kaplan

Kaplan Technology Products’ “KTP” owner and president, Ernie Kaplan, started and built Kaplan Trucking & Paving to one of the most respected names in the paving industry in the Chicago area.

After 28 years in business, he recently sold the company in order to develop products based on some of the lessons he learned in the paving business.

Kaplan was the first StreetPrint Pavement Texturing applicator in the United States, and with the propensity to streamline the process, developed and implemented many of the procedures still in use today.

During his tenure at Kaplan Trucking & Paving, Ernie designed and built much of his own equipment that has become the industry standard.

Now Kaplan is “Making Time In The Future” with his FastMeasure distance measuring devices allowing you to get more work accomplished in less time.

KTP can be reached at (888) 876-6050 (Toll-Free) or at (847) 494-1100 for international calls. More Contact Information

-> A New way of accurately measure parking lots, roadway, driveways, utilities, tractor pulls and anything else that needs to be measured.

Manufactures electronic distance measuring instruments as an alternative to the distance measuring wheel. Accurately measure construction areas, surveying paved areas, landscape, utilities, roadways and parking lots.

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