FastMeasure Testimonials

Testimonial - Bonneville Power Administration

Bonneville Power Administration in Washington (state) uses FastMeasure to accurately place stabilizer bar on high tension power lines in 5 state.

The meters are mounted on these trolley carts, lifted with a helicopter and set on the power lines.

Testimonial - Bonneville Power Administration
Testimonial - Chrisp Company


I wanted to let you know that my crews think the FastMeasure device is great. It saves the saves at least 1 hour per day.

Not having to go back and measure the footage of line that you have installed.

The time and labor savings pays for the device in not time at all. If you have anyone interested in installing the units on their equipment, I could explain how I installed them.

Thanks again,

Jim Hubert
Equip Manager
Chrisp Company

Testimonial - Chrisp Company
Testimonial - Clark Public Utilities


Clark Public Utilities Fleet Department conducted some research in an attempt to find a distance measuring device our Engineers would be happy with.

The biggest requirements were that unit:

  • Needed to be simple and easy to use and reset
  • Needed to be small and easy to read
  • Needed to be cost effective and removable

Your unit has met all of these requirements and our group has been happy.

We will continue to provide our Engineers

with your product.


Paul Chamberlain
Fleet & Warehouse Operation Manager

Testimonial - Sur-Coat Asphalt - Hawkseal-E

I purchased a unit from Fast Measure last year. It sure makes things faster doing an estimate. Fast measure is a product that does just what it’s promoted to do, a rare thing in this day and time.

I did have a small problem at first, which I am sure was my own fault. Ernie was there to help me with my problem all the way.

You couldn’t ask for better help if you have a problem. Another thing that is hard to find in this day and time.


Thanks for the help and the unit

Bill Moss
Sur-Coat Asphalt

Evans Construction Co.

I been paving for years and I have purchased many useful tools and devices to make my employees and my job easier.

I can honestly say that FastMeasure by far, is one of the best tools I have ever purchased.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Evans Construction Co.
Robby Evans
141 Evans Av.
Mineral Wells WV 26150

Deluxe Paving & Excavating


I am very pleased with your product. I even use it to measure a 50 ft driveway. It’s great I start to measure as soon as I drive up the driveway.

Thanks again

Robert Harrick
Deluxe Paving & Excavating
Wilton, CT

Testimonial - Sedgwick County Road & Bridge

June 6, 2009

We just installed Fastmeasure on a 2009 Ford pickup. We use it for measuring roads and giving addresses for Sedgwick County.

It works great and looks nice in pickup.


Randy Renquist
Sedgwick County Road & Bridge
223 South Cedar
Julesburg, CO 80737

Spano Paving and Excavating

June 6, 2009

I love my FastMeasure, I will never have another truck for estimating or a foremen truck without one. Measuring is so much easier now.

James V. Spano, Inc.
Spano Paving and Excavating
555 State Fair Blvd
Syracuse, NY 13204

Testimonial - R-N-J Paving Co.

I first saw and looked at the Fastmeasure tool two years ago. I wanted to buy one then and just kept putting it off.

Now that I bought one and have been using it, I wish I had gotten my FastMeasure sooner.

This measuring device has saved me a ton of time. Installation was easy and the product was well thought-out.


RNJ Paving
Front Royal,
VA, 2263

Testimonial - Boral Australia

Thank you for your fast response it is a pleasure dealing with you. 10 out of 10 for your business.

Boral – Australia

Testimonial - City of Central Point, Oregon

We installed ours when it was new, several years ago now, and every time I take it over to my measured 400’ marks to test the accuracy it’s still right on.

One of our vendors applies dust control spray and charges by the square yard and he was so impressed that he put one on his truck too.

T. P.
Utility Maint. Lead, Streets
Public Works Department
City of Central Point
Central Point, OR

Manufactures electronic distance measuring instruments as an alternative to the distance measuring wheel. Accurately measure construction areas, surveying paved areas, landscape, utilities, roadways and parking lots.

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Manufactures electronic distance measuring instruments as an alternative to the distance measuring wheel. Accurately measure construction areas, surveying paved areas, landscape, utilities, roadways and parking lots.

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