FastMeasure – FM1


The (FM1) FastMeasure Distance Measuring Device, our most popular unit.



The (FM1) FastMeasure Distance Measuring Device, our most popular unit, easily mounts on the dashboard and is designed to help contractors and engineers quickly and accurately measure parking lots, roads, utilities and more in the comfort of their car up to highway speeds with unparalleled accuracy. FastMeasure can also be mounted on anything that rolls including ATV’s, grinders, concrete saws, crack routers, striping machines, etc., for reliable job accounting.


  • Small footprint 3″w x 1.5″h x 1.75″d.
  • Large and easy to read backlight display.
  • Extremely accurate within 1 foot in a mile.
  • Easy to use – only two buttons, very intuitive.
  • Measures distance in feet or meters.
  • Displays speed in mph, kph or feet per minute.
  • Effortless calibration – no math, no formulas.
  • Measures accurately at low and high speeds.
  • Simple to install with clear and precise instructions.
  • Tap to hold count feature.
  • Reset count to zero on the fly.
  • Affordably priced.
  • Remote hold switch available for auto start on pavers, grinders, crack routers, concrete saws, etc.
  • Can be adapted to mount on anything that rolls.
  • Outstanding Customer Support.


How to Install the FM1

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Weight 1.8 lbs