FastMeasure Scooter


Foldable FastMeasure Scooter measures job sites in no time



FastMeasure Scooter is great for all types of measuring. Use it to estimate complex projects or laying out paving and patching jobs.

Fold it up and you are ready to go!

The FastMeasure Scooter Package is only $1,649.00, plus shipping and handling. It comes complete with clipboard and paint wand.

With our Fast Measure Scooter package, measuring and laying out jobsites is a breeze. At 15 mph, you can measure and paint parking lot patches in no time!

Fast Measure Scooter folds in half for easy measuring — and easy storage.

With FastMeasure you will have more time to see customers and layout more jobs.

What could be easier?

FastMeasure Scooter

FastMeasure Scooter Folded


This FastMeasure Scooter package includes a heavy duty electric scooter, with mounted FastMeasure Distance Measuring Device, paint wand, clipboard and battery charger, no assembly required. The scooter folds easily to fit in a car or pick-up truck and weighs only 65 pounds. This makes measuring and laying out jobsites a breeze – at 15 mph, you can measure parking lots, roads, paths and utilities in no time at all.

Just plug the cord into the power outlet of your vehicle and you’re ready to measure. FastMeasure’s GPS receiver is small in size and sits on the dashboard as you drive. The unit is pre-calibrated for use on anything that rolls or floats. With FastMeasure GPS there are no subscription or renewal fees. Comes complete in a handy carry bag.

* Due to government regulations, all GPS measuring devices, regardless of manufacturer, are not as accurate as a sensor mounted at the driveline


Distance Measuring Skooter Fast Measure, Measuring tool that measures distance and speed for surveying roads and highways. Utilized by paving contactors, public utility companies and government agencies for asphalt sealcoating and striping jobs on parking lots. Distance Measuring, Skooter, Fast Measure, Measuring tool, measures, distance, speed, surveying, roads, highways, paving, contactors, public utility, companies, government agencies, asphalt, sealcoating, striping, parking lots, engineer, construction.


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Weight 75 lbs